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Small railroad projects
The photo gallery above shows some of our custom projects, which gives you an great overview of the types projects we do for you!

Types Of Railroad Projects:

  • HOn3 turntable module.
  • 2’x3’ HO Drive-in module.
  • 4’x4’ HO 90’ turntable module.
  • 2’x12’ HO Logging camp add-on.
  • 2’x14’ O-scale water front scene.
  • 4’x7’ American Flyer.
  • 3’x6’ MTH O-scale table.
  • 2.5’x6’ Classic Lionel table.
  • 12’x15’ G-scale shelf layout.
  • Model railroad computer control
  • Power buss wiring
  • Control panel wiring.
  • 5’x10’ HO Phase #1 railroad.
  • 8’x12’ HO phase #1 with rough landscaping.
  • 12’x22’ double wide HO-scale acrylic overhead.

Model Railroads
Look at other scales of model railroads, O,HO,N & Z.

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Custom Projects
View our galleries of many different custom projects.

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Overhead Railway
This overhead system is a very unique to run your trains.

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