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Painting & Weathering

The photos showcase the diversity of our Painting & Weathering work.
  • Brass PA DD1 electric.
  • Tichy train crane.
  • Custom G-scale freight.
  • Custom brass HO shay.
  • O-scale milk truck.
  • NPR custom engine & caboose
  • O-scale Yale truck.
  • HO 2-8-0 Steam engine.
  • HO fright car weathering.
  • Aristocraft G-scale C44-9 diesel.
  • Brass HO E-44 electric.
  • HO tug boat weathering.

We offer professional custom brass model painting in most scales for the train enthusiast. When we receive your model it is tested and evaluated at no extra charge. Repair work is available and will be performed only upon prior approval. The model is then disassembled, stripped if necessary and cleaned. It is then painted and baked to ensure a lasting quality finish. After painting the model, it is reassembled and tested. Any bugs are worked out and it is decaled and finished to your specifications. Prices for the custom paint jobs range from $250.00 to $650.00, turnaround time is four to eight weeks. Weathering and detailing is available at an additional cost.

Custom detailing.
We can custom detail your locomotive for you. We do cab interiors, cab curtains made of cloth, extra detail parts to give it that extra little flourish, plus a variety of other things. Prices depend on scale size and details. You can e-mail us for quotes.

DCC decoder installations.
We install a variety of manufacturers decoders and will install in both plastic and brass locomotives. Every decoder has its own “Stay-Alive” circuit to help reduce stalling over rough or dirty track under normal operating conditions. You can e-mail us for quotes.

Model Railroads
Look at other scales of model railroads, O,HO,N & Z.

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Custom Projects
View our galleries of many different custom projects.

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Overhead Railway
This overhead system is a very unique to run your trains.

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