Clear Acrylic Overhead Railway Systems
Developed by Stephan Lamb Associates, and made in the USA, this acrylic overhead system is a very unique and stylish way to display and run your trains, and is available exclusively through us. Our experienced team will expertly install the system for you.

We can design your track plan for $150.00 based on your room dimensions and scale, and will also provide a realistic cost estimate for the overhead supplies and installation services. The average cost ranges between $6,000 - $25,000.

Below are two example photos, one with a G-scale acrylic overhead system hung from a suspended ceiling, and an HO-scale double wide mounted to a flat sheetrock ceiling. (Note: all overheads are designed for flat ceilings.)

(Photo of a G-scale acrylic overhead system)

Acrylic system details
Our overhead system is only installed by us and is designed for flat level ceilings, and our support brackets are made from strong durable acrylic. 1/4-inch bolts are used to connect 1/2-inch thick acrylic shelving together, and are designed to hang from flat or suspended ceilings. 1/16-inch thin acrylic is used as a guardrail. The system comes with all the hardware needed for mounting. Lexan hanger size ranges 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”,16”,18” depending on scale.

image (Photo of a Marklin HO-scale double wide system)

Planning your overhead system

Just like any model railroad, it all starts with a track plan. The brand of sectional track you use will determine how the overhead system will fit into your space. Our overhead system is very simple and made to fit together with sectional track. You should provide us with your room dimensions, type of ceiling (suspended; sheetrock etc.)any obstacles (ceiling fans; heating ducts; lights etc.) the scale (G-scale, O-scale, HO) plus if you could provide photos of area and the location where it will be installed. It is available for single track operation in G, O, and HO scales. Double wide in certain track sizes only.

Our overhead system is designed for these manufacturer’s sectional tracks only.
(Note: The center of a circle is the midpoint of its diameter, divide it into two equal parts, which is a radius of the circle.)
    Atlas HO true track
  • 9” Straight section
  • 18” Straight section
  • Double 22” & 24” radius
    Marklin C-track
  • 18” Straight section
  • Double curves R-3 & R-4
    Lexan hanger sizes 6”,8”,10”
    Lionel tubular
  • 10” straight section
  • 20” straight section
  • 54” radius curves
  • 72” radius curves
    Lionel fastrack
  • 60” radius curves
    Ross Custom track
  • Double curves 72” & 80”
    Lexan hanger sizes 10”,12”,16”
  • USA / LGB
  • 12” straight section
  • 24" straight section
  • 5’ Diameter Curved Track
  • 8’ Diameter Curved Track
  • Double track 8’& 10’ Diameter
    L.G.B track
  • R-3 Diameter Curved Track
    Lexan hanger sizes 12”,16”,18”

Acrylic overhead railway systems sample video

Watch a video published on YouTube Jan 27, 2015
“Overview of the installation of an overhead model train track system installed in a bedroom. Our layout was designed and produced by Stephan Lamb (”- A testimony video from our client Jon Grisham.